Global travel wellness news of the week - 4th Oct 2019

This week's key global travel wellness news articles from around the world, impacting the industry and influencing the business of wellness.

VistaJet Launches VistaJet World, An Exclusive Portfolio Of Bespoke Travel Adventures
Forbes | Taylor BoozanPhoto credit: VistaJet
Photo credit: VistaJet
Today’s discerning traveler is seeking more authentic and bespoke experiences that connect them to the world on a deeper level, prioritizing a thrilling adventure or remote excursion over actual goods. Read the article on 

Inside Qantas' new Airbus A380 cabin
NewsHub | Dan LakePhoto credit: Qantas
Qantas has unveiled the new state-of-the-art cabin being installed in its Airbus A380 aircraft fleet. Read the article on 

8 Best Kept Secrets To Make The Most Of Your Business Trips
Huff Post | Tamara Hinson
Business travel can be both rewarding and exhausting. While some relish being out of their comfort zone abroad, others find it hard to adjust to new environments and routines, while still bringing their A-game. But how can you best look after yourself and your work while travelling on business? Read the article on

This sustainable in-flight meal tray is partially edible and wholly eco-friendly!
Yanko Design | Srishti Mitra

Photo credit: Yanko Design
Travel is deeply integrated into all our lives. Whatever may be the purpose (business or pleasure), we do tend to find ourselves on flight journeys. Irrespective of whether it is a 9-hour long international flight or maybe an hour-long domestic one, what remains constant is the amount of in-flight waste that is generated. Each year almost 5.7 million tonnes of cabin waste is estimated to be generated on passenger flights, ranging from single-use plastic to earphones, food waste and amenity kits. Read the article on

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