How to get balance whilst travelling

As all frequent travellers know, one of the major challenges on a business trip is to remain mentally focused and energised throughout its entirety. In 2016, around 973 million passengers travelled by air within the European Union, many of those flights were taken for business. Travel fatigue can leave the traveller lacking their usual mental and physical performance with higher than normal stress levels. Besides coping with the demands of business meetings abroad, executives want to be able to enjoy their family duties and personal lives on their return. It’s a fine balancing act.

To help become more productive in less time when travelling on challenging business trips, you mustn’t ignore the basics of a healthy diet, quality sleep, plenty of exercise, and some type of calming practice, like meditation or yoga, to help you become more productive in less time. Frequent travellers should also make sure they supplement with the full spectrum of minerals and vitamins they need. A lack of optimum nutrition including minerals, impacts on the health of the body. In industries that glorify long hours and sleep deprivation, there is evidence to show ensuring you have the right nutrients can enable you to perform at your optimum.

In the face of these stressful challenges, how should you fuel your body to maintain your health and performance?

Nootropics are a class of supplements that can improve cognitive function and are gaining real popularity in 2018. Adaptogens are an equally hot topic at the moment. They normalise physiological function without throwing our body system out of balance, providing a stimulating or relaxing effect depending on the individual’s current physiology.

The properties of Adaptogens are that;

- They can be taken with cumulative effects indefinitely,

- They have a dual mode of action and can read the body condition,

- They bring the body back to balance,

    Turmeric is one of nature's Nootropics, it helps maintain the efficiency of the immune system and has many functions including supporting the production and quality of blood, supporting heart function, blood circulation, and the function of the nervous system. It helps protect joints and maintain their flexibility. It is used most commonly in Ayurvedic medicine.

    Ginger root belongs to the Adaptogen class of herbs and can help to support digestive health. Green tea is a Nootropic and a natural Antioxidant which is thought to help improve concentration and learning. Rhodolia Rosea is an Adaptogen that contributes to the maintenance of normal blood circulation and it helps with cognitive and mental performance.

    There is no escaping stress in life, although most of us tend to see stress as negative, such as difficult relationships, family pressures, work deadlines and financial concerns, stress is also triggered by positive experiences, such as making that successful pitch to close a deal. All these new situations will bring about a heightened body response and travelling halfway around the world to function in unfamiliar surroundings is no different.

    There isn’t any business executive heading abroad for a gruelling series of meetings that wouldn’t want to enhance their work productivity and performance by optimizing focus, multitasking under stress, and creative problem-solving.

    (Caution is advised for anyone considering using Nootropics or Adaptogens alongside medication, consult your doctor before taking these products).

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