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The story of
15th Degree

Meet Papillon,
our Founder

Investment bankers and hedge fund managers — I worked with them for 15 years. Arranged their roadshows, booked their flights, chose their seats. Was on the end of their stresses and concerns.

But it was only when I started 15th Degree that I properly understood these people: what they thought, felt, said and did was a result of their brutal and often chaotic international schedules.

15th Degree is now my way of caring for them — dads, brothers and sons; mothers, sisters and daughters — wherever they are in the world.

Yours always

CEO and Founder, 15th Degree

Our name

Earth has 24 time zones. Each one accounts for 15 degrees of the planet’s 360. For every one you journey across, you need a full day to recover. So for long haul flights, you need to start preparing your body days before your trip. And care for it several days after.

Our hope

One day soon, every high-flying jetsetter who goes airport to airport and continent to continent travels with the comfort of good health, the power of presence and total control of their actions and emotions.

If there’s anything we can do to help, please get in touch.