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Here's the story of how it came to be created.

During a decade working in Investment Banking and start up Hedge Funds, Founder of 15th Degree, Papillon Luck, saw how challenging maintaining health and wellness in a corporate role was, especially when traveling. Following her own health journey, she transitioned to the wellness industry, which at the time was very much in its infancy. She founded an outdoor fitness business years before the popularity of bootcamps.

After selling the business, she continued to personal train corporate clients, who again, frequently spoke of the struggles to manage their health whilst travelling. At this time, no one was speaking of wellness travel but Papillon saw an opportunity and a clear gap in the market. She needed to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges business travelers in particular experienced. To develop the right product and build a group of willing travelers to test her ideas, she briefly returned to the corporate world where she spoke with CEO’s and senior executives in airline clubhouses and lounges. Some business travelers she met, regularly fly from London to New York and back in a day, for a 30-minute meeting. Understanding the demands placed on their time and the cognitive pressure they faced, was critical in designing the right product.

Papillon gathered a team of international experts. Together they undertook 2 years of research and product development. Initially, they identified what physiologically happens at altitude during travel and upon landing before formulating a complex but complementary range of natural food supplements addressing all 6 functions that cause travel fatigue (Cognition, Rest, Energy, Digestion, Circulation and Immunity).

Due to the changes in taste at altitude, one of the blends consumed in the air ‘Body Function’ had to be taste tested at altitude and in both hypoxic and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. This fastidious level of detail is reflected in every facet of the product design, branding, packaging and consumer experience.

The story behind the name

The earth rotates 360 degrees of longitude every day. When divided into 24 hours, the earth turns 15 degrees of longitude every hour, the same as the width of a time zone.

Traveling by any mode of transport commonly breaks with our routine leaving us feeling disconnected and out of sync. For these reasons, 15th Degree turned to astronomy for a name that connects us as we travel across the far ends of the world.

As an aside, most planes and jets take off at 15 degree angles of elevation. Not many people know that.

Our mission

We’re here to help you maintain your health and happiness whilst traveling the world. 

With you every 15th Degree,