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How does 15th Degree work?

We worked with world leading experts to firstly identify the 6 functions that take a serious hit during travel. We then identified the purest, most effective, active ingredients to assist with these effects. The blends were complex to formulate as no artificial colours, flavourings or synthetics were allowed. They also had to conform to vegan and allergen friendly criteria whilst tasting nice, which made it challenging when the combined active ingredients have strong odours and aren’t naturally palatable, such as Zinc.

Due to the physiological changes in taste at altitude, one of the blends consumed in the air ‘Body Function’ had to be taste tested on flights and in both hypoxic and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The result are a collection of 5 blends developed to assist every function that un-aligns when traveling. The reason for needing separate, unique formulations is because many of the effects of the blends can’t be combined together. If you need rest, you don’t want energy or increased cognitive function at the same time. Putting them into one mechanism would defeat the object of the unique formulations.

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