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Our JetFusions are botanical infusions that top-up your spirits without caffeine in between supplements.

Enjoy our infusions daily, on the flight, every day of your trip and on your return, whenever works best for your schedule.

When you need a warm and comforting embrace on the road, there’s nothing better.

Each box contains 8 bags of 3 Health tea pyramids (a total of 24 Health tea pyramids).

Made with the finest botanicals and herbs that our experts have sourced from all over the world.

The packaging around a day’s worth of our infusions is made from sugar and corn, which decomposes in 45 days. Our JetFusions come in biodegradable pyramid bags made of Japanese silk. In 90 days, bag, string and tag will be gone.

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How it works

Our three supplements contain carefully considered formulations to help you prepare for, perform during and recover from the many challenges of big business and global travel.



Providing ingredients to help look after your digestive, circulatory and immune systems. Antioxidants, vitamin C and zinc protect cells. Ginger root and turmeric help support immune system function. Includes Fruitflow®, Pycnogenol® and live bacterial cultures.


Providing ingredients to help maintain your energy while keeping your mind sharp and focused. Zinc, ginkgo biloba, and guarana help support normal cognitive function. Also contains CoQ10, turmeric and Rhodolia.


Providing ingredients to help you relax. Magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Chamomile and lavender help support relaxation. Also contains 5HTP and zinc.

Travel with benefits

A world's first innovative formulation for aviation travel

Bespoke travel specific quantities and personalised reminders with JetFuel's concierge service

Balance the 6 health functions disturbed during travel (Immune, Digestion, Circulation, Energy, Cognitive Function and Rest)

The world's first, efficacious and highly absorbable ingredients, distributed into the bloodstream faster than cheaper ingredients.

Total of 56 active ingredients. 2 Patented ingredients, every ingredient earned the right to be included.

Non-GMO and 100% free from bulking agents, fillers, sugar, artificial colours, and preservatives

Tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping laboratory enabling world travelling, high performing, elite athletes use of JetFuel without risk of doping