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Our JetFusions are botanical infusions that top-up your spirits without caffeine in between supplements.

Take 2 days before your trip; every day on your trip; and for 2 days after you return from your trip.

Enjoy our infusions daily, whenever you need to power down to rest and relax; on the flight, every day of your trip and on your return,

When you need a warm and comforting embrace on the road, there’s nothing better.

Each box contains 8 bags of 3 Rest tea pyramids (a total of 24 Rest tea pyramids).

Made with the finest botanicals and herbs that our experts have sourced from all over the world.

The packaging around a day’s worth of our infusions is made from sugar and corn, which decomposes in 45 days. Our JetFusions come in biodegradable pyramid bags made of Japanese silk. In 90 days, bag, string and tag will be gone.

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