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  • Pre Travel

    Prepare your body before take-off. Our ‘Pre Travel’ blend provides Elderberry and Ginger that help support your immune system together with Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Zinc to help protect your cells from the oxidative stress that can occur during travel. Stay well.


  • During Travel

    Life at 30,000ft can get uncomfortable. As air pressure falls, your intestinal gases expand up to 50%, circulation restricts and long haul journeys can disrupt your sleep. Stay on cloud 9 with our 'Body blend' that provides Aloe Vera to help support digestion and a water soluble tomato concentrate (Fruitflow® II WSTC) to help maintain healthy blood flow whilst our 'Rest blend' contains Lavender and Chamomile to help support true relaxation. Be calm and unwind.   

  • Post Travel

    Stay sharp and feel your very best upon landing. Our 'Post Travel' acclimatisation blends not only provide important B Vitamins including Riboflavin and Niacin to help maintain energy levels but also botanicals such as Ginkgo Biloba and Guarana to help support normal cognitive performance so you can hit the ground running. Feel truly revitalised on touchdown.

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  • icon Immune Function

    Air pressure, humidity and hypoxia, all impact on your immune system making it more vulnerable.


  • icon Body Function

    Your intestinal gas can expand as much as 50% which can have an impact on your normal digestion and gut rhythm.

    Stay in Sync

  • icon Rest Function

    Long journeys across the world disturb your basic bodily rhythms, causing tiredness and fatigue, impacting on mental and physical performance.


  • icon Energy Function

    A combination of less oxygen, drier air, decreased air pressure and digestive system changes, cause a lack of energy.

    Power Up

  • icon Cognitive Function

    Travel fatigue can impact on cognitive performance leading to loss of concentration.

    Think Straight

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